Hey!  I just finished my socks!

The pattern is Pink Ribbon Socks by Laura Spradlin.  If I’d had pink yarn, I would have made them pink, but I only had purple.

The main casualty of this particular project was a set of circular needles:

I’m not entirely sure what happened.  I was working on these in one of our hotel rooms, I got up to do…something…and when I came back it was slightly bent.  I kept on knitting, but was dismayed a few days later when I went to push stitches up onto the needle and it started to bend even further!  Apparently I don’t know my own strength.

Or…since a 2nd set of needles is also starting to bend…I wonder if these are just cheap needles, and I need to find something different.

Now…to decide which knitting project takes it place.  Finishing an existing project?  Starting something new?  Hmm…..tough choices.


  1. Mary Ann says:

    those look really nice. You know you’re going to start a new project with the red white and blue yarn. Do one sock and then finish your Olympic socks. And then do the 2nd rw&b.
    Mom’s advice, rarely followed.

  2. Tammie says:

    I really like your socks! And like Vicki, I’ve always known you were strong! As far as what to do next? I’m in finishing mode … so I would do that, then reward yourself with something new!

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