Right now, June 2

On the frame:

Technically it’s just hanging over the poles, not actually on the frame, cause, uh…it got quilted like a year ago…but I’m finally getting around to hand-stitching down the facing on this quilt.  And wow, does that bad boy ever need a good blocking.

Some day I’m going to write the pattern for this one.  Yeah, and for all of those other quilts, too. In other words, Don’t hold your breath.

Almost on the frame:

A coffee themed customer quilt that will be getting an allover.

Exercise: 2 miles on the elliptical plus about 30 minutes of strength-training with my 5 lb dumbbells.  I bought an 8 lb set of dumbbells today: for some exercises the 5 isn’t quite enough to be challenging.  Beyond the fact that I can stay on the elliptical for more than 5 minutes without feeling like I’m going to die, I can feel my progress in other ways…like…I went upstairs two at a time, quickly…and…I wasn’t bent over, gasping for air.  Awesome.

Weather: It was gorgeous today.  80s, sunny, with a light breeze this evening.  We did finally get some thunderstorms overnight, but I don’t think we got the hail that was possible.  Just in case, Mark had squeezed his Mustang in the garage with my car and the truck.  I never did go look, but knowing how tight our garage is to begin with, it was probably quite a sight.

The boys:  Tomorrow is Track and Field Day.  The day after is the last day of school. Tomorrow is also their first All-Stars Baseball game.  They are on the “B” team, and the game doesn’t start until 6:30ish:  I’m going to miss it, I have a meeting, darn it.

The Internet: Three weeks ago we had a power surge/lightening strike/whatever that blew out our modem, several DSL filters and our BRAND-NEW router.  The modem got replaced and we were using an old router, but the Internet speed was absolute crap.  I finally worked through the issue today and…voila.  The phone jack that we were using is also apparently bad, because…I’m back in high-speed business.  Phew.  It was like..being back on dial-up, but worse because it was totally intermittent.

On the iPod: Uh…same as yesterday.  Same for the knitting needles.

Me:  Gari wanted smiles, so…I tried.  I took a ridiculous number of pictures, both inside and outside, with the timer and in the mirror.  If I was smiling it was out of focus.  If it was in focus I had a really bizarre look on my face. I did put on lip gloss, but I see that my necklace needed to be adjusted.  And those slightly cockeyed glasses.  Sheesh.  Hopefully I can go pick up my new sunglasses tomorrow, and I’ll have her check these again.

Oh, can you tell that I whitened my teeth in Photoshop?  Is it natural enough or did I miss the mark?

Isn’t the necklace awesome?  It was like…2 bucks at Kohl’s.  “S” was the only letter they had left.  I was so psyched.

Lynn has already requested a look that I’ll be going for in tomorrow’s self-portrait.  She expected to see it in yesterday’s series, and I always do what she tells me, so watch for that tomorrow.    I’ll take requests or suggestions for other shots.  Or maybe I shouldn’t say that, because you’ll all tell me to stop posting pictures of myself.

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  1. Deb says:

    I’m digging the nike swoosh on your shirt. lol. Teeth look natural. I have to admit that is not the smile I’m used to seeing on you.

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