June 5

Uh, how did it get to be the 5th of June already?  For that matter:  how is it possibly JUNE?  June 2010 no less?  Gah.

Today’s picture is another mirror portrait.  The trick (well, one of them…) for somewhat normal looking mirror portraits is that you always look at the camera lens, even if the camera is held at your stomach and pointing up, or off to the side and pointing down — don’t look straight ahead at yourself, look at the camera lens.  Even if you feel like a dork doing so.  Or don’t, if you want to experiment with different looks.

I just love this purple shirt I’m wearing, I really like the neckline, with the braided trim, and I think the gathering looks good on me.  I need to remember that the next time I’m looking for shirts.  When I buy shirts I know I’m going to wear while quilting, I try to get pretty inexpensive stuff because it ends up looking like crap:

Remarkably, this one doesn’t have any pin holes (yet…).  But man it really pilled.  And some of the lint seems permanently affixed.  My mom keeps trying to tell me I need to wear an apron, but I’ve tried that, and it pretty much did nothing for me.  So, I just keep wearing out clothes and life goes on.

I know.  Rough life.

Speaking of rough, the boys got to go to the pool today.  They didn’t really want to stay because it was all full of GURLS when we got there.

It’s not really looking like pool weather at the moment — the wind has kind of picked up and the forecast is talking about possible thunderstorms this evening.

I’m trying to rediscover my blogging voice this month, so for awhile you are going to get me rambling about random topics, and recording stuff that is mostly for me to remember or look back at.  In some ways I’m not even sure if I want to continue public blogging, I’ve thought about shutting this down and just try private journaling.

Anyway, that’s why you are getting my notes about what I’m listening to, or the exercise I’m doing (which I’ve forgotten to include the last few days) and all of hte other little bits I might ramble about.

So, some random bits:

1.  Almost done with my audio book.  Ridiculously, I’ve actually read this one on paper, but I’ve listened to most of the rest of the Pratchett books, and when I went looking for soemthing new, I hadn’t gotten this one, so I thought that meant I hadn’t read it at all.  About 5 minutes after I started downloading it, I walked past the book shelves and the Real Live Book caught my eye.  Oops.  I do remember now thinking that I didn’t like the book as well as the ones I had listened to…I think that in order to pick up on all of the sly humor in Pratchett’s books, I’m better off listening to someone read every word to me.  I prefer the books read by Stephen Briggs, but I’ve enjoyed all of them.

2.  I finally watched the Lost finale yesterday.  I bawled through the last 10 minutes.  I get weepy just thinking about the final scene.  I managed to avoid all spoilers, which is quite a feat, and am glad I went into it not knowing how it turned out.  I know that reactions have been missed, but I liked it.

3.  I hate knowing that some people** were right:  once you start exercising regularly, and build up strength and stamina, that the process of exercising actually starts to feel pretty good.  In the last month and a half, the only days I’ve missed were days we were gone.  I missed moving my body those days, and was glad to get home and get back on the elliptical and work the kinks back out.  In the past, I probably would have needed a trip to the chiropractor after spend 40 hours in the car in 5 days.

And I think that’s all for today.  I’m quilting that coffee themed customer quilt today, but…it’s really just IQ doing the work, although she’s sitting waiting for me to fix a thread break.  I’m thinking the next feature for IQ is automatic thread break recovery, but that’s probably not in my lifetime.

**By people, I mean my husband.


  1. Mary Ann says:

    I’m only your mother so my extremely prejudiced opinion doesn’t count, but I would miss your public blogging. You’ve got a good sense of humor and you’re willing to poke fun at yourself and you’re a good sport about other people (your sister and I specifically) poking fun at you and you take good photos.

  2. Margie says:

    I have been reading your blog since I started reading blogs. Almost two years now. You keep my interest and have a good mix of family and quilting and do have a sense of humor.
    1. Audio books can be great. My favorite John Grisham was the Painted House and I think it was because I liked the reader a lot.
    2. I tried to watch Lost at the beginning and just couldn’t care.
    3. I am currently in a poor exercise routine time. Wish I could kick my butt into being better.
    You are one of the lucky people that are getting a comment since one of my regular bloggers quit. She said that one of the reasons was that she didn’t get any comments. 🙂

    • Janet says:

      Your’s was the second blog I “followed”. I still enjoy it quite a bit. I like your pictures of yourself – very personal but interesting to see what you are doing. I’ve been watching Lost on DVD rented from the video store as I don’t get cable – I’ve seen all the seasons up to this year which probably won’t be out for rental until the fall. So please don’t give it away. Or I may just have to skip a post. Cute that your mom reads your blog.

  3. shirley bruner says:

    you can’t quit blogging……your blog is one of my ‘must reads’ every morning. my life is too boring to blog about so i just live through you……keep blogging. LOL

  4. Linda in TX says:

    I agree with your mom, Suzanne. I love your blog and it’s the first one I look for when I go to my reader. I love this latest picture – you look like you just said something funny and now you’re waiting for the reaction!

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