June 25, A Big Surprise

On Wednesday, Mom told me she had a surprise for me for my birthday, and I’d never in a million years guess what it was.

Yesterday, she told me that she didn’t know if she’d give it to me that night, or if I’d have to wait until Friday night.  Well, Mark and I went out for supper and shopping, and she corralled the boys for us.  When I called to tell her when we’d be home, she told me that we had to stop at her house, and that I was supposed to call her when we got into town.

We got to her house, and I’m calling for her and she’s yelling back and I get into her front room where the computer is, and she and Will are talking and there is another voice coming out of the computer.

Turns out she was on a Skype call, and I could tell by the Skype ID that it was none other than that sneaky Lynn Douglass.

(For some reason, Lynn could see us, but we couldn’t see her).  They made me sit down in the chair and then Mom went and got this out of her closet:

Mom did the Princess and the Pea embroidery:

And if I’m understanding correctly (needless to say I was a little overwhelmed…), she commissioned Lynn to piece and quilt it.  She sent it back to my Mom to bind.

You can’t really see the awesome quilting on the back, because it’s so busy, but it’s a little bit funny:  Lynn bought that fabric from me, I had it in the shop.

They have been keeping this secret from me for MONTHS.  Crazy.  I’m a little bit torn, because on the one hand, I want to snuggle up under it, but on the other hand…I want it hanging up where I can see it.  I think it’s probably going to go on the wall in my bedroom.  At least for now, since it’s not exactly quilt-snuggling weather at the moment.

I’m pretty sure that this is the first quilt anyone has made for ME.

Mom was right, I never, in a million years, would have guessed they were making me a quilt.

Oh!  And Lynn sang Happy Birthday to me, too.  And…at least one of her sons, were they both there?  I wasn’t sure.

Thanks to all of you who sent birthday wishes, but most especially thanks to my Mom and Lynn who gave me such an amazingly awesome gift.

p.s.  I don’t know the pattern info for the embroidery or the quilt, but maybe Mom or Lynn could chime in with the info.


  1. Mary Ann says:

    http://blog.followthewhitebunny.com/ — that’s where the embroidery pattern is and if you go there today, guess what you’ll see? I emailed pics to Nicole and she asked if she could blog about the quilt! Cool! As soon as I saw the pattern several months ago I had to order it and knew I wanted to make it for Suzanne. Thought about framing it and for some reason I though I’d see if Lynn would help out with a quilt. It was such fun and so hard keeping a secret. I’m not a good secret keeper at all.

  2. Tammie says:

    That is such a very special gift! Who EVER gives a quilter a gift (except another quilter?). What a wonderful gift. YAY! Happy Birthday, Suzanne!

  3. Lynn Douglass says:

    It was truly my pleasure to help your mom out with this surprise! I’ve been wanting to make you a quilt ever since you surprised me with one at MQS! I jumped at the chance when your mother wanted to hire me, except I didn’t want to be paid. I wanted to be part of the gift giving! I don’t remember how long ago Mary Ann contacted me, but she did a great job at keeping this secret! We were both so danged excited on your birthday, that we may have just had more fun that you did! LOL! The quilt pattern is a disappearing 9-patch. I intentionally made it scrappy, because I know you love scrappy quilts, and you know that I have a hard time doing them! It’s the OCD in me. I was channeling you! I even thought about quilting it with one of your Meandering Magic designs, but I know I couldn’t do it as well as you. So, I did my own thing. Your mom was great fun to scheme with, and I’m so glad she included me in the project! Her Princess and the Pea embroidered block was too danged cute for words!

    For the record, my husband and boys were also involved in singing Happy Birthday to you, Battle Star Gelactica Suzanne! LOL!

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