June 22, I DO know how to apply sunscreen

Earlier in the month, I fried my neck, which was weird since I was sure I’d sprayed it with the sunscreen pretty well.  I had another opportunity today, and thank goodness, I got it on well, because I was wearing a sleeveless shirt, exposing some really lily white skin.  After sweating through a million hours of baseball (OK, maybe it was just 3 hours…), I’ve about had it for the day.  (But yahoo, both teams won their games!  Will and Joe both pitched in the 2nd game and did really well.  I’m always so nervous for them.  I almost hate to watch.)

Tomorrow I should get caught up with some things, like…finally finish this quilt on the frame and more bookkeeping and some picking up.  I would have done more today, but I spent part of the day cleaning carpet.  Why do dogs vomit on the carpet, inches from hardwood?  Cocoa did that 3 separate times in the middle of the night, hitting carpet every time.  The biggest and grossest was on my brand-new bedroom carpet.  G.R.O.S.S.

Aren’t you glad I shared?

Oh, after I posted about the mosquito bite yesterday, it occurred to me that I sounded whinier than usual.  What I failed to convey was that I had actually JUST THAT SECOND, right before typing the words…discovered it.  Within seconds of whining about it and telling the story of the scars, yeah.  I had managed to wipe it from my mind, and it no longer itched.

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