June 12, A conversation

Suzanne: Omigosh, you have to see these shoes:

Common Sense: Wow. Those are some really adorable shoes.

Suzanne: I know, right?  Zebra stripes plus red accents?

CS: Yep, they are sure cute, but wow, look at those heels.  How are high they?

S: Well, 4 inches, I think, but the sole is actually a 1/2″ platform.

CS: And they fit?

S: Believe it or not, yeah!  They had my size and they felt really good!

CS: Wow, that’s amazing, because most of the cutest shoes don’t even come in a size 11.  They “felt good,” hmmm?  They are actually comfortable?  Really?

S: Well, I wouldn’t want to stand in them for hours or walk a mile in them, but yeah, comfortable enough for heels.

CS: Mmm-hmmm.

S: Well, anyway, they are for dressing up, so it doesn’t matter if I can’t work in them all day long.

CS: Dressing up, you say?  And where would you be going when you dressed up and wore these shoes?

S: Well, um.  You know.  When I dress up.

CS: And you dress up how often?

S: Um.

CS: Yeah.  Exactly.

S: I’d wear them to church every time I play!

CS: Yeah.  Cause Zebra print shoes totally scream CHURCH.  And don’t even try to suggest that you wear them when you dress up to play for funerals, cause I know that’s where you think you are going next.

S: Um.

S: But look at how CUTE they are!!!!  And get this!  I found them online for $15 cheaper than they were at the mall!  They were $55 at the mall, but only $40 online!! With free shipping! I’d totally be saving money by getting them online.

CS: Spending $40 on shoes you don’t need is NOT saving money.

S: But look at how CUTE they are!!!

CS: It doesn’t matter how CUTE they are if they are totally impractical.

S: But it’s almost my birthday!!!

CS: Still doesn’t matter.   You can’t have them.

S: But I NEED them.  I fell asleep DREAMING about them.

CS: You NEED them?  What you NEED is HELP.

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  1. Marcella says:

    I wear totally wild shoes like that to church and it’s a pretty darn conservative church – no pants on women, ties on men, you get the drift. I get tons of compliments on my wild red plaid Betsey Johnson’s or on my hot pink and silver print ones too. Men and women – tons of compliments. But, if you order those great shoes You Must Actually Wear Them To Church! No fair buying and then shoving in closet.

  2. TerriW says:

    Ooo! Those are totally awsome! We tall girls aren’t supposed to where heels, ya know….that’s why we do!

  3. Linda Card says:

    Okay, they are adorable. But it’s not the $40 that you need to worry about. It’s the $200 dress
    that you need to go with this beauties. Ack!

  4. helen-mary says:

    Heck, you can’t take it with you, and you need to wear SOMETHING on your feet. I vote that you go for it! Buy the shoes! Um… you were asking for opinions, right?

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