Today I logged my 16th day in a row of exercising.  I’m pretty sure Mark thought I would have fizzled out by now.

I’ll just show him.

After two days of exercising in my pajama shorts, I decided that if I wanted to feel like an athlete, I had to look like one, so I got some workout clothes.  Two pairs of Champion shorts at Target (One is actually a skort.  I like skorts.)  Two tank tops from the sporting good store (Adidas, they were originally $40, I got them for $14.99 and $9.99.  I like saving money.) And some cheap sports bras at Wal-Mart.

Now, as I said I like saving money, but in this case, I debated about going cheap, and considered spending more money. And it turns out I should have listened to myself.  Cheap truly is the operative word for these sports bras.  There is more support in the tank tops than in the bras.

So…when I got an e-mail that Lane Bryant was doing a buy 2 get 1 free bra sale, I decided to try their sports bra out.  The Cacique bras from Lane Bryant are all I wear, although I’m stuck in  a really boring rut as far as the style I buy (plain old boring cotton, no frills or lace or nothing…).  I ordered the sports bra, plus some other styles to try to break out of that rut.

I was so excited today when I got my package.  Only.  There was a problem.

Oh sure, the sticker SAYS it is an ultimate sports bra (with the size artfully smudged out by Photoshop, cause I am so NOT sharing my bra size with you people):

But somehow I don’t think these are going to be all that supportive when I go exercise tomorrow morning:

The Lane Bryant customer service person and I had a really good giggle over this, and she was working on getting an ACTUAL sports bra sent to me, as well as a prepaid label so I can return the shorts.

She was very nice about it, and I’m hopeful that the new package will contain the correct item.  But I have to wonder?  If it were YOU packing this order, don’t you think you’d have noticed that the bra you were putting into a box was shaped an awful lot like a pair of shorts?

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  1. Linda Card says:

    AFAIC, these kind of mixups are one of very few problems when it comes to online shopping. I will never enter another mall in my life.

  2. Cynthia says:

    I too am an on-line shopper. If I hadn’t discovered internet shopping I could have retired a gazillionaire years ago. But, I have a fabric stash that could last 10 lifetimes. Maybe I’ll live longer so I can use some up? I don’t even know what a mall looks like anymore.

  3. Terri says:

    Yeah…I had a similar problem when I ordered curtains for my bedroom windows…I got three curtain panels and one set of extra long cotton twin sheets…!? fortunately there is a Penneys right down the road so I could get the problem fixed…

  4. shirley bruner says:

    Suzanne…have you tried Danskin for sports bras. i wear their sports bras for every day and love them. check them out online.

  5. Carol says:

    I had a couple of sports bras a few years ago – did I have the wrong size or what – comfortable as all get out, but when it came time to take it off…HOLY MOLY! Now that was a tough job. Is there a secret to removal?

    Suzanne, how come you don’t want to share your size with us? Made me smile when I read that. LOL

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