A big blob of pink knitting

This is the knitting project I mentioned in my previous post.  When it grows up it’s going to be a shawl.  The original pattern is all garter stitch, and I actually started this shawl in a different yarn in garter stitch.  But then I dropped some stitches and I’m a garter stitch idiot — I could NOT figure out how to pick them up.  So I started over.  And then I started over again on the trip.  I’m pretty pleased with my progress, but I’ve got a long way to go, and right now it just looks like a big blob of pink.  The sun washed the color out a bit, it’s much prettier and brighter and in person.

I started this Wednesday night last week (in the car…) and Thursday morning in the car?  Bad words:

Fixing my boo-boo would have required ripping out all of the garter stitch border, and basically starting over.  It appears that after casting on, I twisted the cast on row?  I guess.  Needless to say, I was not interested in restarting for a 4th time, and ultimately this is going to be seen by ME and my family, and I’d rather have DONE than PERFECT.

I’m having trouble with my camera, so I took some shots outside in the full sun.

The dogs could NOT figure out why I was outside taking pictures and they were inside watching me:

Katie doesn’t know it, but she’ll be getting her summer haircut on Saturday.  One of us will wish we had tranquilizers.


  1. floribunda says:

    I’m the same way with garter stitch. I can never figure out the right way to fix things, and always end up doing a fair amount of ripping… it ought to be so easy!

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