Well, hello muscles

I posted a Facebook update the other day that was mostly tongue in cheek:  I had asked Mark several times if he was sure that I couldn’t die from shin splints.  He claims that I cannot.

I’m still not sure he was telling the truth.

Today, I’m feeling like I might die from sore arm muscles that aren’t so sure about this weight-training crap I started yesterday.

Boy howdy, am I ever sore.

“Doesn’t it feel good?” Mark asked.

Dude.  No.  Didn’t you hear the part where I said I was SORE?

This is part of my ongoing quest to become a better, healthier me.  I confess that I haven’t done as well as I might like with the whole “not drinking full strength Pepsi,” thing, but I have exercised for 13 of the last 17 days (and 11 of those in a row).

I’m using a website to track my exercise, and I can share this fun virtual journey, the mileage recorded is a combo of some walking I did last week and time spent on the torture elliptical machine:

Fitness Journal

Clearly, I haven’t gotten very far on my virtual journey, but thousand mile journeys starting with single steps and all that…

Of course, I may not get out of California if my shin splints and sore arm muscles kill me.

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  1. Marcella says:

    It’s great that you are exercising regularly! I promise that the horrible “sore” will go away soon. Oh, and don’t worry if you never get out of California, Nevada is one big flat desert for the most part and Utah stays the same for an awfully long time 🙂

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