Sweet Tooth

Three things:

1. I know you were probably terribly disappointed not to have that picture of my in-progress binding, so, here you go:

2.  Some days I wish I had nothing better to do than follow around the shaft of sunlight:


(She recently suffered through a haircut.  There was a small animal left over in the pile of hair we took off.  I stared at it wondering if there was a market for dog hair to make yarn.  No?  OK, never mind.

3.  Internet, I have a problem:  I have a very Sweet Tooth, and I know that in order to be a better healthier person, I need to cut out some of the sugar in my diet.

Technically, I suppose, I have a High Fructose Corn Syrup Tooth, but that doesn’t have the same ring as Sweet Tooth.

If were already a better healthier person I’d just drink water, but I apparently in addition to a sugar addiction I have a caffeine addiction, and I don’t drink coffee (I’m not only a picky eater, but a picky drinker.  Sue me.)  Also, I’m not ready to be that MUCH better.  I want to just be a little BIT better.

I refuse to drink Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi, and I’ve tried Coke Zero and whatever it is that Pepsi says is “just like” regular Pepsi, but zero-calorie, and frankly, I think the marketing people that try to tell you that Coke Zero and the Pepsi product taste “just like” the full-strength stuff must be smoking crack, because these products Absolutely Do Not taste the same.

(Oh, and I’ve tried the Pepsi Throwback, which is real sugar, and wow.  Yuck.  Like I said, apparently it’s the HFCS that I’m addicted to.)

(And yes, I drink the Pepsi and Coke interchangeably.  I can tell the difference, but I’ll drink them both.  Primarily Pepsi, though, because that’s what most restaurants around here serve).

Where was I?

Oh yes.  Being a Better Healthier Person.


I’m on a mission.  Yes, I did buy some of the Real Stuff, but I’ve also got some other Stuff to try.  I thought maybe I could try the Diet Cherry versions of these guys, to see if it helps cover the fact that it’s Diet.    I’ve tried the Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry, and it’s acceptable.  I’ll give the Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi tomorrow and report in.

Yes, I know I’m trading the High Fructose Corn Syrup for Asparatame, but like I said, I can only be so much betterer at one time.  Cut me some slack.

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  1. Balinda says:

    I am addicted to Polar Seltzer (might be a local brand). I mix it with all kinds of juices. It does not taste like Coke or Pepsi but it gives me the bubble of the soda and I drink a little fruit juice which is supposed to be a little better for me than the soda.

    I do buy only 100% fruit juice juices.

    When I gave up Pepsi a couple years back I had a killer headache for about three days. Addiction sucks.

  2. Deb Levy says:

    I gave up soda a couple years ago…now I drink coffee or tea all day. But I use splenda in them. And yeah, the coffee has caffiene and so does most of the tea…though I do throw in a decaf tea once or twice a day.

    Can’t give up everything now, can we!

  3. Adam says:

    I had a regular coke today, well, like a 1/4 of it because my sugar was low, it was so gross. I like diet cherry chek

  4. Janet says:

    My name is Janet and I am an addict….. I have been clean of my Pepsi addiction for 17 months now. I cannot have even a sip or I will be right back at it daily – several times a day – sometimes four or five big bottles. Not only is the caffeine and sugar bad for me but I think I am actually allergic to the stuff because while I can’t stop drinking it, it makes me feel really awful. I feel for you…

  5. Alycia says:

    I am totally with you. We ( read my husband) decided that we need to give up pop. So I have switched to diet as the go between…. I even had a salad today to get *healthy* … I think that might balance out the chocolate I consumed!!

  6. Tina C. says:

    I was a Diet Coke girl, ever since high school. I wasn’t a bad girl, just one a day. But over 20 years it becomes a habit. I tried to go off once and I fell off the wagon. Then I stopped cold turkey last September. The worst part was just the wanting. I really, really, really wanted a diet coke, every day around 2pm. I would think about that can, secretly obsess about it. Then one day, I finally stopped thinking about it. I been almost clean since then. I am a water girl now. But I slipped one time at Red Robin where you can have free refills. I sucked that first glass down so fast, she hadn’t even taken our order yet and I got my second one! It’s a hard habit to break. Not sure that quitting the sugar is better than the aspartame. But I did notice my indigestion that I had all the time went away!

  7. Mary Beth says:

    I used to drink Pepsi all the time….craved it when I didn’t have it. And like you…I drank Coke too, but I loved Pepsi. I got on a health kick a couple of years ago but thought I could never give up Pepsi…..and I hated diet. That is when I decided if I couldn’t have leaded, I wouldn’t drink unleaded :o) I kicked the habit…I am now soda free and fell so much better. I will tell you, I didn’t lose 500 pounds like some people do….I just feel better.

  8. shirley bruner says:

    i quit cold turkey and haven’t had soda in about 3 years now. i was drinking about 6 pepsis a day…bad girl. now i have given up ice cream. been ice cream free about 6 months. i have tried quitting chocolate but can’t get there yet.

    once you finally quit soda, they will taste like crap if you try to drink one again. now i drink water all day and iced tea if we go out to eat.

    good luck

  9. Sarah Stevens says:

    Actually I just read a book where pet hair made into yarn is part of the story. In “Hooked on Murder” by Betty Hechtman. Yarn spun from the hair of a Siamese cat gives a ‘halo’ to the worked piece. And the main character was also speculating that perhaps the hair from the groomed poodle was also being made into yarn. Spooky, huh?

    Can’t help you much on the drink choices. I would rather get my calories from food – desserts and candies included.


  10. kayp says:

    isn’t there some saying like “you can have my (diet)coke when you can pull it out of my cold dead hand”????

  11. Carol says:

    I am also a Pepsi addict. Weaned myself from the leaded version several years ago over the period of a month. (Trying to avoid the withdrawal headaches-it worked) Then I became a slug! So after about 6 months of the leaded version only at restaurants, I started back to having one or two cans a day. The rest of the time I drink the unleaded Pepsi. Nowadays, I find myself (after the first full glass) mixing caffeine with caff. free most of the time. Leaded Pepsi doesn’t taste as good as unleaded anymore! I try not to drink the leaded after 4 pm, because although my entire life it didn’t matter how much caffeine I drank – I zonked right to sleep. Not anymore, now it’ll keep me up 1/2 the night, even if I am totally exhausted.

    Pepsi Throwback = YUCKO.
    Diet Pepsi = YUCKO also, but I’ve been considering it.

  12. Deb says:

    MMMM, mountain dew. I have quit it a few times, but it’s so true, one sip of the damn stuff and I get pulled right back in. It’s so sweet and yummy. I have tried diet so many times, hate it.

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