While I’ve been busy doing other things (bookkeeping, blech), I’ve also been working hard quilting.  My next customer quilts require me to custom quilt them, so I’ve thrown a couple of my own into the queue until I’m ready.

This poor quilt has been hanging around my sewing room for years.  Many years.  This was a kit, though I added borders to make it bigger.  The instructions were terrible.

My piecing wasn’t that great either, you’ll note, based on the comparison with the floorboard, how NOT square this quilt is (and this is just one of the sides, the bottom is even worse…)

I had always intended to do a custom quilting job (for my non-quilting readers, this means doing something fancy in the borders and in the blocks and stuff).  I did some deep soul-searching and realized that this was never going to happen, and that I’d rather sleep under this quilt around the 4th of July NOW, rather than have my children pull this out of a bag 50 years from now and wonder why Mom never finished it (or…have them throw the bag away…).

It does lay flat.  I think there was a dog bone on the floor.

I think there were supposed to be some appliques, stars or something underneath that flag block.  Interesting side note:  that pinwheel block and streamers on the right?  I actually pieced a second one of those and made it into a banner that we had hanging outside our old house for awhile.  Until it faded and started falling apart.

It does have to go into the waiting to be bound pile for awhile.  First, there are quilts ahead of it in the queue, and second, I don’t actually have anything to bind it with at the moment.   This was made before I got smart and started setting aside fabric for bindings, and I am thinking I’ll use either a solid navy or a solid black, and I have NONE of either of those in my stash.

I have thousands of yards of a hundreds of other fabric, but no solid navy or black.  Typical.

(quilted by my Intelliquilter using a computerized design called Ocean Froth by Anne Bright.  Thread is Sew Fine and Bottom Line, batting is Warm Bond.)


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