Full or part time?

We had reason to fill out a credit application last week (I’ll tell you about that next week…), and after we told the guy how much I gross in a year, he asked if we’d consider my self-employment full time or part time — I answered part time.

Mark said “Yeah, the part of the time when she’s awake.”

(photo of our rack of quilts that aren’t in use.  we have lots of quilts in use.)


  1. shannon says:

    *LOL* i think Davis would of said the same thing….i tell people that my quilting is not a hobby- it’s a lifestyle 🙂

    happy stitchn’

    • Suzanne says:

      I e-mailed Vicki privately, but I’ll answer here, too: I let him live.

      And I think the guy filling out the credit app thought Mark was joking.

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