Wednesday, Randomly

1.  My husband is something of an Excel jockey, and I wish I’d gotten the camera out last night to document him introducing Will to the wonders of Excel.  Will’s class had done a science experiment involving a pendulum and counting the number of swings in a certain amount of time.  Will brought the data home, and he and his Dad spent some quality time at the computer creating a spreadsheet and chart that showed the measured data as compared to a fancy equation that calculated how many swings there should have been based on the different lengths of the string.  Will took a copy of the resulting chart to school, Mark asked him if he wanted to write the equation down.  “You mean the equation that no one else in my class is going to understand?”

2.  I have a sinus infection, which sort of surprised me, because it’s actually my ears that are bothering me.  Turns out the pressure in my ears is just the swelling of my sinuses.  Oh well, as long as the antibiotics can clear it up.  I also (clever girl that I am)…asked for a refill on my Flonase prescription.  I’m really hopeful that spring is actually on its way, and I’ll soon need that Flonase.  Last year I never got a refill of it, and really regretted it.

3.  It’s rainy and foggy and muddy and gross here, but I’m trying not to complain:  it means the snow is going away.

4.  We can’t move the longarm and a few other things home until the snow is mostly gone, the horse trailer won’t make it in the driveway until the piles are out of the way.

5.  Most everything but the longarm has been moved home, but just enough stuff is still down there that I’m stuck in that weird transitory state of not really knowing where anything else.

6.  Last night, I spent 30 minutes TOPS, doing the hand-stitching on some pillows I made YEARS ago.  Those stupid pillows have been hanging around with an opening waiting to be finished for YEARS.  30 minutes TOPS.  It’s enough to make a girl cry sometimes.

7.  I need to record some video clips for the last part of my feather class.  My class is so lucky to get my end-of-the-cold raspy voice.

8.  I need to stop making this list and actually go DO that.  Well, not so much GO, since it’s here at this computer, but still.

9.  I can’t stop until I get to 10, though.  10 is a nice round number and 8 or even 9 just doesn’t seem right.

10.  Thanks for all of the movie recommendations.  I have actually seen quite a few of them, and was inspired to go rewatch Return to Me, which I had seen already, but based on so many recommendations, decided I needed to watch it again.  I’ll try to compile the list and share it with everyone later.  After I get my work done.

11.  Oh dang.  I thought of something else.  We started reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea as a family last night.  I’ve never read it, nor have I ever watched the movie.  But it’s the sort of thing that my boys are TOTALLY into, so we thought we’d give it a try.  We spent all of last year reading out of a history book after supper (we got through the whole thing!) but have struggled to find just the right thing to read this year.  I hope this does the trick.

12.  I promise I’ll just quit this list now, even though 12 is such a random number to have for a list of things.

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  1. Michelle M says:

    Suzanne, if you’re looking for a book your boys (all 3) would enjoy, try Two Against the North (originally titled Lost in the Barrens) by Farley Mowat–it’s a great adventure story for boys, just read it with my son and now we’re on the sequel (The Curse of the Viking Grave).

  2. Eileen says:

    When I was in college (I was a technical theatre/design major) I was involved with the Summer Theatre program where we mounted 3 musicals and a children’s show in 6 weeks. I will never forget one year a professor/friend read Watership Down to his kids ~ they were a bit younger than yours, but I will always remember what a great experience it was for all of them!

  3. Carla Riggs says:

    Will is so insightful. 🙂
    I’m sorry to hear you’ve got a sinus infection. We seem to be having that around our house, also. And there’s no mud/snow/gross here to cause it!
    I know I’m late, but have you see ‘It Happened One Night’? And old black/white screwball comedy with Clark Gable & Claudette Colbert. Delightful film.

  4. Linda Lynn says:

    Sorry to hear your quilt store is closed, are you still quilting for other people? I tried to send you an email but it didn’t go through.

  5. Mary L says:

    Drove by the store last Thursday when we were in Traer. Saw quilts still in the window but of course the store closed. Also drove by your house when looking at the condo my friend will be moving into next month. Back in Traer briefly on Saturday as well. Still feels like home to me and always will. Drove past my “old” house (brand new when I sold it 23 years ago) and still wonder why in the world I left Traer.

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