The smell of new leather

This picture does not do these boots justice.  I borrowed this shot from the Lucchese website, and seriously, my brand-new boots ARE much prettier than this picture.  (yes, the toe is Lizard skin.  the color is called Black Cherry.)

And I’ve just realized that that is at least partially because the stitching on MY boots is 3 different colors (white, gold and a matching brown), whereas this picture shows it as all a matching color.

And if you go try to find the price of these boots you might be shocked that I’d be willing to pay $299 for a pair of boots.  Rest assured, that I did NOT pay that much.  They were on sale.  Everything I bought this weekend was on sale.  I was the ultimate bargain hunter.

I used to have a pair of boots, but after the boys changed my body, I was no longer able to wear them.  Every so often, I’d look at new ones, but as I’ve whined about before, I have big feet, and they just don’t make women’s boots in my size (long AND wide, unfortunately), that you can buy off the rack.

It only recently occurred to me that I could look at the men’s boots.  Yes, I’m slow.

Although, I’m betting that Mark wishes I hadn’t realized this.

He’s not crazy about the style of the boots, and when I asked his opinion he said “Well, I don’t have to wear them.”

“Yes, but you have to look at me.”

“I just won’t look at your feet.”

To make him even crazier, I bought some skinny jeans this weekend, as well, so my boots are actually on the OUTSIDE at the moment.  So you can’t miss them.

Speaking of jeans.  Wait until I tell you THAT story.  It involves one crazy girl (me), one big mall (the Mall of America), a lot of time (close to 12 hours), and a whole lot of jeans (somewhere around 40).

But I had to tell you about the boots first and let those stand on their own.  (Ha, get it?  Stand? I crack me up.)

You’ll excuse me now, though, I need to go sniff the box they came in some more and then walk around the house and admire my feet.  I’ll try not to hurt myself, since I’ll be high on new leather fumes and won’t be watching where I’m going.

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  1. Mary Ann says:

    believe me folks, Suzanne looked quite stylish this morning at church to accompany the choir in her new boots and the rest of her new clothing. I’ll let her share those details, but the hint is orange and denim. She was wishing that she didn’t have to wear a choir robe to cover up the stunningness.

  2. Vicki W says:

    12 hours in a mall would have left me in a sobbing heap in the middle of the floor. I hate shopping for clothes so much that now I just order lots of stuff from an online store, try it all on and send the rejects back. Sometimes none of it fits right!

    I really need to get back to making my clothes. That was much more fun!

    The boots are great. Although I’ve never had the desire for cowboy boots, I do get it.

  3. Randi says:

    I love the smell of new leather! I bought my stepdaughter a new necklace for her upcoming bday…a silver bobble thing on leather cording…I keep taking it out to sniff it…it smells so good!

  4. Terri says:

    Gosh! I haven’t had CB boots since I was about 20…sigh. I miss those boots. I kinda miss being skinny and 20 as well…lol!

  5. shirley bruner says:

    great boots….i miss my boots, too. i’ve been thinking of getting new boots. perhaps you have inspired me.

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