Read the Label

This a Public Service Announcement, so that in the future, no one has to suffer the ridicule and humiliation I recently had to take from my husband.  (Of course, the worst part is that he didn’t actually SAY anything ridiculing or humiliating, he just had to smile at me).

Anyway.  The PSA.

In the future, when you are at Sam’s Club, and you are looking dishwasher detergent (because you are 100% OUT of dishwasher detergent),and you are contemplating that big jug of brand-name dishwasher detergent, but then you notice right next to it, the Member’s Mark dish soap, that’s cheaper, plus it’s phosphate-free…

Make sure you read the label to make sure it is actually dishWASHER soap.  Not just dish soap.

Because you dishwasher will not like it when you load it up with regular dish soap.

On the bright side, you’ll have enough dish soap for your children to use for many years of happy hand washing.

Some day soon, I promise to get back to posting things about quilts and knitting and other crafty pursuits, but for now, I thought it was important to make sure that none of you make the same mistake I did.

You are welcome,


p.s. luckily for me, the dishwasher was fine, it just had to run a 2nd cycle to  clear all of the suds out.  and there were a lot of suds.


  1. Carla Riggs says:

    My kids did that once! Oh, boy what a mess. ha
    Bubbles coming out of the sides of the dishwasher onto the floor and oozing all about.
    I’m sooo disappointed you didn’t take photos.

  2. Warty Mammal says:

    Oh, lordy. I think everyone has to do that at least once. I flooded the kitchen floor with suds. Cleanest it’s ever been.

    Hmmm. Maybe I should go try it again.

  3. Suzanne says:

    Hmmm. Based on some of these responses, it appears that I actually got off lucky, because no suds ever escaped the dishwasher (well, Mark said he could see some coming out the vent at the top…). We didn’t even really realize until it was on the 2nd wash what I’d done, we initially thought the dishwasher was broken…

  4. shirley bruner says:

    maybe you can’t use it in the dishwasher, but it is great in the washing machine to wash hand dyed fabric. just use a LITTLE. use it up in your washer.

    or wash the dogs with it

    can you make soap bubbles?

    glad i don’t have a dishwasher…i would probably do the same thing.

  5. Linda in TX says:

    Yep. Been there years ago. Only I loaded the dishwasher in my little apartment and left for an errand. Came back to suds all over the kitchen – a foot deep and out into the little living room. Took hours to clean it up and a long time before I could get it all out of the dishwasher. Kitchen floor was gorgeous, tho.

  6. Alycia says:

    Hunh – you were lucky, mine sudsed all over the floor, and I had to listen to my husband laugh loudly, then call the kids in to see what his “perfect” wife had done.

    I had no clue that he thought I was perfect until that moment. guess I fooled him huh!

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