You did what?

Last night, as we were leaving our dinner meeting, Mark was fussing with his cell phone.  Apparently, the screen was blank, and he was messing with it to see if he could get it to work.

I asked if something had happened to it, and he got this sheepish look on his face.

“It took a dunk in some water,” he said.

Wait.  What?

Apparently, yesterday morning, he had his cell phone in his shirt pocket and…he was checking on our leaky toilet.  When he bent over, the phone slipped out and into the toilet.

Of course, he wasn’t flushing at the same time, and was able to quickly pull it out and dry it off.

After we got home, he pulled the battery and spent some time blow drying his phone.  As far as I know, it’s OK now, but he does NOT get to give me a hard time about my cell phone anymore.