What’s with all the knitting?

Many of you have probably been thinking “Isn’t Suzanne a quilter? Why isn’t she sewing or quilting or anything?”

Let me tell you.  When your former sewing room looks like this:

And you soon-to-be former master bedroom looks like this:


Is it any wonder that there is absolutely zero sewing going on?  It’s so much easier to pick up this:


And find a comfy spot to sit and just knit.

I did actually finish a customer quilt, but I still need to take pictures.  I’ve also still been handling shop orders and bookkeeping and registering last minute students for my feather class.  And feeding dogs and boys and husbands.  OK, just one husband. And painting.  I actually did almost all of the 2nd coat of paint by myself.  I made Mark do the brushing around the edge.  And..making sure that boys have Valentines and treats and drinks for their party.  At the last minute, of course.

I hear some fat quarters calling my name.  I’d better go see what they want.  I think they want to be folded.  Anyone want to come help?

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