The rest of the cell phone saga


I was mostly laughing on Monday.  Truly, if I cried over everything stupid thing I did, I’d be a snotty mess most of the time.

I was wearing a sweatshirt with a front pouch, and that’s where the phone was at the time of the incident.  I leaned over to flush, and out it slid…  It’s gone but not forgotten, because the toilet is draining, but definitely not flushing properly.  I’m going next door when I need the facilities, and while I did leave a message for my landlord, I haven’t heard back from him yet. (Is it wrong that I’m glad it happened here at the shop, and not at home where it would be Mark’s problem?)

Right away Monday afternoon, I wandered down to the hardware store, that doubles as our wireless store, and cringed in anticipation of how much this fiasco was going to cost me.

See, the phone was nearly new.  Like…November new.  I wasn’t eligible for a new cheap phone, this WAS my new phone.  (Because I had dropped the last one and it wouldn’t stop buzzing…)

Turns out that sometimes I get lucky, though, and did NOT have to pay retail.  The cell company has a 30 day return policy, and they just happened to have the above phone (which is identical to the one that got flushed…) in stock as a returned item.  And, as it turns out, it hadn’t ever actually been programmed, so…it’s like I got a brand-new phone for only $40.  (Full retail was…$160…)

You can be darned sure that I will be extremely careful with my phone around toilets for awhile.

And thanks for laughing at me, I’m glad I could provide some entertainment in your day…


  1. Deb says:

    Did I tell you that my first iphone had to be replace because the screen stopped working. The genius guys couldn’t figure out why it stopped working so they just swapped it out. I know why… I left it sitting face down next to a glass of water that was sweating all night long. LOL. Whoopsie. I mean I can’t be 100% sure that was why it stopped, right?

  2. Linda in TX says:

    I worked for a big company with 5 floors in a downtown Houston high rise with lots of toilets in each bathroom on all the floors. One of my friends dropped her badge in the john one day as she was flushing and was too embarrassed to tell anybody. A year later the building came to finally really truly fix a toilet that had been causing problems for a long time. They removed the whole toilet. Wedged in that big pipe thing in the floor that the toilet sits on was my friend’s badge. Encased in hard plastic, security badge still activated, messing up the entire works – easily identifiable with her picture right on the front. She has never lived it down.

    You got off easy, girl!

  3. Warty Mammal says:

    LOL. Well, it was probably painful to experience, but it makes a good story. I blew up a $10,000 piece of equipment once. Hope that makes you feel a little better.

  4. Nancy H says:

    You’ll be the only one that will know where the ringing is coming from!

    I dropped my cordless phone in the washing machine & killed it. Never cradle the phone while loading the laundry.

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