Picture me banging my head on the wall

Since announcing the sale at my shop, I have sold a ton of fabric.

Seriously. A ton.

But hardly any yarn, and I just haven’t been able to understand.  I thought it was a pretty good deal, but…maybe it wasn’t a good enough deal.

Well, tonight, I had an idea in my head and I wanted to check on a yarn color, so I toodled off to the online shop to look at what I have.

And there was only like 2 yarns in that category.  Now, I’m pretty sure there are more yarns in that category in the shop, because I stare at it every time I’m in the shop, so I decided to poke around the rest of the yarn section to see if maybe the yarn I was looking for was misclassified.

There was barely any yarn in ANY category.  Seriously.

Color me mystified.

So, I went to poke around the admin side of hte shopping cart.  Yup, there was all of the yarn in the list…why wasn’t it showing up in the shop????

*Bad words*

Somehow, nearly all of the yarn had gotten marked as having Inventory Tracked, but the product quantity was…a big fat zero.

*Bad words*

This is not something where Suzanne accidentally checked a checkbox — we’re talking over 150 individual products.  I suspect I know when it happened, but I can’t explain exactly WHY.  Exactly why or how doesn’t really matter, but oh heavens.

Here I sit, imagining the people who have clicked through from Ravelry, or from the Google ad, or from the sale notification, wondering why I’m touting the yarn I sell, when it didn’t appear that I actually sell any yarn besides a few skeins of Opal sock yarn and Black Cascade 220.

*Bad words*

So!  If you are a knitter, or know a knitter, or want to just look at some pretty colors of yarn, guess what!  The yarn is now showing on my site!  And it’s 30% off!

Yarn at Knots & Bolts


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