Laugh or Cry?

I just flushed my cell phone down the toilet.


  1. Sonya says:

    Sorry, I laughed. Oh man, I’ve worried about dropping my iPod in the toilet, but it hasn’t happened yet. I used to stress that I would lock the boys in the car when they were little and in car seats. I don’t think I did, but someone in our play group did and called the fire dept. to get the kid out. You may not laugh today, but someday it will be funny.

  2. kayp says:

    well i’m laughing! i once had to report a lost credit card. they asked me if i had any idea where it was lost and i said in the “porta-potty” at my husbands work site. she laughed as she said that was a new one for her.

  3. Shellie Leskinen says:

    How? Did it slide out of the pocket of your pants? or did you just drop it in from being in your hand?
    I have a giggle in there but not a roll on the floor cause that is mean.
    Hopefully it is time for an upgrade….

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