Knitting Olympics: Turned the heel

turned the heel!  woohoo!

I have turned the heel (I did a short row heel, my first.  I messed up the purl side, but not badly enough to redo it.  I know what I did wrong, and the 2nd sock will be better).

It looks baggy on the sock blocker because…the sock blocker is clearly not big enough.  It fits MY foot perfectly.  Last night, I figured out how many more stripes I need before the second Fair Isle section, but I can’t remember now what I decided.  A few more, anyway.

We let the boys stay up late to watch the Men’s Halfpipe.  Those snowboarders are absolutely crazy.  Mark said that he’s tried the halfpipe at the ski place he and the boys go to.  He thought he’d gotten pretty high when he went 2 feet above the rim.  That Shaun White was, what, 20 feet up in the air?  Wow.

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  1. Tina C. says:

    Your sock looks awesome. You’re so speedy! Do you give lessons on how to do two colors? LOL. I don’t have a clue how you do that, or do a sock toe-up on a circ.

    Looks like I need some lessons!

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