Baked goods

As longtime readers will know, if I’m awake, it’s entirely likely that I’m doing something slightly moronic.  Every so often I have flashes of brilliance, but sustaining that is pretty hard for me.

It comes as something of a miracle for me, though, when people around me, who sort of look like they might be perfect, do something…not perfect.


He-who-perpetrated-this-unleavened-lump remarked:  the only thing worse than old yeast in the bread machine is…no yeast.


I’m happy to report that MY baked good turned out much better.  Getting the right size needles helped.  That cherry on top is even knit!  I’m so proud of me.  I started looking for more small knitted projects like this, and got sucked in by the Ravelry pattern browser last night.  There’s some funny stuff out there.  I’ll share some of my finds later, but I think supper is calling me.

Too bad we don’t have any fresh bread to eat tonight.


  1. Deb says:

    You know, there are TONS of cute dollies and such. Perhaps I need to send you a few ideas.

    That cupcake is ADORABLE.

  2. Carla Riggs says:

    I’ve begun some sour dough bread tonight. Would he-who-perpetrated like me to send him some starter?
    And the cupcake pin cushion looks great. So nicely, um .. leavened.

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