Such a rough life

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A week and a half off for the holidays, 3 days back at school and then BAM.

Snow storm.

Yesterday, I made it out to the shop, and then tried to come home for lunch.  I kept driving right on by, as there was no way I’d make it into the driveway.  When Mark got home, he almost didn’t make it in with his truck.

Luckily, the boys know how to make peanut butter sandwiches, and I don’t think they were too disappointed to (a) have yesterday off and (b) not have Mom around.

I’m not really sure how much snow we got, but around here it’s not so much the snow as the wind…luckily the wind has died back down, but it’ll take awhile to dig the country roads back out, so…another day off for the school kids.

Will “needed” my computer a little while ago to look up something for his brother (they figured out that the Internet is a great place to go for hints on how to get through video games…).  I told him he could use my computer, but only if I could take his picture.

What a rough life.  Always having to put up with his annoying Mom. I wish I felt sorrier for him.