Sooooooooo hungry


Katie had an ear infection, and we’ve been glooping her ears up with ear goop for the last week.  Wednesday was her recheck, and there was a possiblity she might have to stay and have her ears flushed, so…no food or water after 10 PM Tuesday night.

Which meant that Cocoa didn’t get to eat, either, first thing in the morning, because…trust me, it’s easier this way.  We figured she could survive until 9AM when Katie either returned and they ate together, or…I returned and fed her on her own.

It turns out that Katie’s ear infection is gone, however her ears are still completely clogged, and the vet didn’t want to risk hurting her trying to get the gunk out without softening it up first. So…now she’s on a week of ear wax remover drops, and another recheck next Wednesday.  Whoopee.  She just loooooves having her ears messed with.

The vet said something about how we must have noticed that she’s probably been ignoring us because she can’t hear very well.

Um, yeah, we hadn’t really noticed any difference from her normal I’m-a-princess-and-am-not-paying-attention-to-you behavior.

The picture is from right before I took her to the vet. Don’t they just look like they are wasting away from hunger?


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