Shop Update aka Yes, I’m still Alive, just buried

Whew.  I don’t have any concrete numbers yet on how many yards sold (many), or how many bolts emptied (a lot), but every yard out is one less yard to move home. I’ve been thinking that all along, not realizing that even though I didn’t have to move it home, I had to move it to the post office…

I guess the point is not having to make room for it at home, an adventure that’s already started with some moving of furniture, and a stack of boxes that I have to put some stuff in so that Mark can start working on dismantling the built-in cabinets in my current sewing room.

Thanks to everyone that has bought a little bit (or a lot…), or has signed up for the drawing, or shared the news on their own blogs and in other ways.  I was going to spend today getting caught up on the drawing entries, but…I sat on the couch knitting and ended up being there for 3 hours, most of it fast asleep.

There is still plenty of fabric (and yarn! knitters!  I have yarn, too!), and while I’m not quite caught up to same-or-next-day shipping, I’m getting closer.  I did add some fat quarter bundles to the shop — Stash Enhancers in several different color families.  If you order ONE, I can guarantee they’ll all be unique, if you order more than one, you might get some repeats.

The knitting I tried to do earlier is something new, I’d take a picture, but the light is impossible, especially because the item I’m knitting is black…

Speaking of light! We saw the sun and blue sky today.  It was awesome.  Plus, we didn’t get snow.  That was awesome.

I think that’s all I know for now.  I hope to get back to more interesting blogging really soon.



p.s.  I’ll accept giveaway entries all week!

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