Mucking Out

After finishing piecing the quilt I showed off the other day, I decided it was time to muck out the stalls.


My sewing room, while not as smelly as a stall, was messy enough.  Messy enough to finally overwhelm even MY ability to ignore the disgustingness of it.

I have more work to do, but here’s the proof that I have a floor:


I never really completely moved in to this room when I moved up here…whenever that was…not quite 18 months, I guess.  I just piled stuff in, and started making piles on top of piles and piles next to piles, and pretty soon, there was barely a path to even walk through the room.


My closet of shame stash is not very attractive, I’ve just been shoving things in it, but it’s better than it was, and I’ll go back later and refold and attempt to get those tubs of strings and scraps into usable condition.

Ironically, I’m getting it all into shape just in time to move it again.  But that’s a post for another day.

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  1. debby brown says:

    brave, brave woman. i have been tempted to take photos of my sewing room, but i lack the courage.

    great job on the mucking out! come and help with mine?

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