I have a problem

I have something that I call the Terrible Package Sender gene.  (It only affects packages to friends and families.  Customer packages are generally OK, except when the Blonde gene kicks in and I do something stupid, like pile things on top of a customer order.  But that’s only happened once. )

Hopefully, by now, my friends and family have realized it is nothing personal. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that I can start gathering up stuff for a package and it’ll be 2 years later and the stuff is still sitting there before I decide that I probably ought to finally send the package.  You know, before the t-shirts for my niece and nephew no longer fit.

(Well, the t-shirts haven’t been sitting there that long, but some of the other stuff has been).

Or I’ll start making a quilt for a new nephew and I’ll get it almost all the way done, and then I’ll let it sit, waiting for a label for months. Because you know that label is going to take all of 20 minutes, and I just can’t find 20 minutes anywhere. (<—that’s a joke.)

Well, last week I decided it was time to try to overcome my genetics, and not use them as an excuse anymore.  I got in gear and made a quilt for my new niece-to-be, made labels for both the new quilt and the old quilt that’s been waiting, plus pillowcases, and made a promise to myself that everything would be in the mail TODAY.

Go me.

David and Stefanie?  There was so much, I ended up needing to use 2 boxes.  They’ll go to the post office this afternoon.


  1. debby brown says:

    ii, too, am postally challenged. i will write a note and sign it, but finding an envelope? and a stamp? and making it all the way to the mailbox? it could take weeks!

    don’t get me started on packages.

    congratulations. you should be very proud of yourself!

  2. David S. says:

    I have that same problem, it’s definitely genetic. We’ll let you know when the packages arrive. 🙂

  3. Beth says:

    I I call that ‘mailing impaired’ and I have been afflicted for YEARS. ::::sigh:::: I think I’m a closet perfectionist with a generous dash of procrastination. I REMEMBER…just not at home with all I need at my fingertips. I remember either 1. at home in the middle of th night or 2. when i’m out of the house and can do NOTHING about it. I have flashes of recovery with long pauses of backsliding! It helps if I have de-junked the house 1st so I”m not as easily distracted. Come to think of it, maybe its part of my Quilters ADD….::::grin::::

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