How many sweatshirts?

In the great sewing room clean out this weekend, I uncovered lots of interesting things.

The room is on the 2nd floor, and between heat rising, and the fact that when I’m in there, the lights are all blazing, and I’m working hard…I get warm.  So, I usually take off the top layer (we keep our house really cool, so there’s always at least 2 layers on , if not 3…or 4…), and then drape the sweatshirt over the back of my chair.

Usually it gets added on top of the sweatshirt I was wearing the last time I got too warm.  Sometimes they get set on a pile, which ends up swallowing them.

I counted this morning.  I retrieved a total of 7 sweatshirts.

Sheesh.  No wonder I can’t find anything to wear.

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