Feather Boot Camp 2010

Despite evidence to the contrary lately, my main interest in life is actually machine quilting. (I think my neglected quilting machine heard that and said “yeah, right…”)


Really, it is.  (OK, and that doesn’t include my husband and children, but I think you know what I mean.)


In 2 weeks, I’m going to be proving my love of machine quilting in general and feather quilting in particular, to a new crop of students in my next session of Feather Boot Camp.    If you are a machine quilter that wants to work on perfecting your Freehand Over the Top Feathers, I’d encourage you to check out the details of my class.  The class is online:  and it’s a really great experience, if I do say so myself.  You get e-mails from me every single weekday, you get handouts to read, drawings to trace, videos to watch (I do drawing screen captures as well as videos of quilting stitch-outs), and tons and tons of feedback and interaction with me and the rest of your classmates.

The best part, of course, (well, other than spending 5 weeks with me at your feathery beck and call…) is that you can do all of the classwork at your convenience:  in your jammies at 2 in the morning, if necessary.

Check it out!

Feather Boot Camp

(edited January 3, 2015: Just in case you ended up here looking for the online, self-paced version of this class, you need to go here: Feather Boot Camp)


  1. Beth says:

    I heartily endorse this class! I took it last summer and my feathering is coming right along. I DO find a few bananas (you have to take the class to find out about THOSE…) but, I have feathered for customers…and they came back for more. oh happy day when I can feather to my hearts content! ( and yes, I did attend class in my jammies…only once…and no one was home, so…maybe I should not have admitted that…lolol)

  2. Adele says:

    Just purchased a 26″ INNOVA and the yahoo group is talking about an upcoming boot camp. Can I optain info regarding this. I do not have my machine…not until end of March.

    Thank you, Adele

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