Cherry on Top

I don’t know why I consider quilts “done” when they still need labels and bindings, but still, but I guess it’s done enough to share, the rest is just gravy.DSC02250

Looking back through the blog, it appears that I finished piecing the body of this back in September 2008.  At the time, I mentioned having Delusions of Applique.

Fast forward to April 2009 and I was auditioning applique, but struggling with colors and placement.

Apparently the ideas needed to continue marinating because it wasn’t until about 3 weeks ago that I had an epiphany.

See, I was trying REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to get the word CHERRY on here somewhere.


I have the letters cut out and everything (they are in that April post).  It’s the same curly font on display in my header on the blog.  I really loved those letters.  But I just couldn’t figure out where to put everything.  I even contemplated taking the quilt top apart and changing the size.


My epiphany?  It went like this:

“Duh.  You don’t NEED the word CHERRY on the quilt, when you actually HAVE cherries on the quilt.”





After that it was easy.

Well, after I realized that the green words for “with a” and “on top” were too blendy and they needed to be red.  Luckily, I had them cut out that way already.  I had 3 sets of letters — 2 shades of green plus the red.

I finished the freehand quilting this afternoon, and can’t wait to bind it and maybe hang this on on the wall somewhere here at home!


  1. debby brown says:

    so talk to us about the cross hatching. ruler? freehand? and if you ever decide you hate this quilt, i’d be happy to take it off your hands. ADORABLE!

  2. Linda in TX says:

    It’s great! Totally unexpected and a great big ZIP right on top of a really pretty quilt. Be proud!

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