Radiant Star Part 19: Mostly Done

With approximately 3 squares inches to go, it’s at this point in the entertainment that Murphy usually makes his appearance and causes the bobbin thread to run out:


I’m trickier than Murphy, though — shortly before I got to this point, my tension had gone a little bit strange, so I’d cleaned and oiled and pulled a wad of fluff out from under than bobbin case tension arm and stuck in a fresh, new bobbin.

It was a bit of an anti-climax to finish the quilting today.

(especially because after I pulled it off the frame I found a spot on the back where there was some thread snot that I’ll have to go back and fix).

If the light cooperates I’ll take some pictures tomorrow.

I’m debating about working on the binding tonight — I’m contemplating just basking in the mostly done-ness of it.


  1. Linda in TX says:

    Bask in the done-ness of it – you’ve earned it. It’s really beautiful. “Thread snot”, however, is the highlight of my day. At last a technical term for it!

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