Wish lists

Found, whilst cleaning my desk:

Dear mom,

Can I get a pet pheonix as a pet?  Then I could have a pet that never dies.  We could teach him so he wouldn’t fly away when we went for a walk.  And, we wouln’t need to go to the hospital ’cause a pheonix has tears with healing powers.



[spelling reproduced from his handwritten note]

I’m thinking this isn’t such a bad idea, considering the cost of healthcare these days.
I didn’t think to date his note, but it’s within the past year, probably sometime last spring.

On Saturday before I left for my grocery shopping trip, I asked if they had any special requests. They started to list some things (video games, a new football jersey).  I stopped them:  “Guys, that’s your Christmas list.  I just wanted to know if you had any special food requests.”

With one voice they said:


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  1. Mary Ann says:

    The boys have told me that they aren’t allowed to have Twinkies. Though they tell me a lot that I can’t believe, I suspect they’re right about Twinkies and I’ve never bought them for them.
    That note is a keeper. So sweet.

    Twins need Twin-kies, though, don’t they?

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