This morning when Mark got up, he discovered that the kitchen refrigerator door was open, and had been all night.

We crossed our fingers that everything would be OK, but it was making a REALLY funny noise, and it never seemed to get cold again.  He suspects the fridge motor burned out…

So, after dinner, he and I spent the better part of 2 hours condensing the contents of 2 refrigerators into one.  I know that I’ve cleaned refrigerators somewhat recently, but apparently I’d still managed to hang on to some really old stuff, like from 2004 (salad dressing…).  Plus there were some leftovers-turned-science-projects that needed to go…

Everything all fits in the one fridge, but it is jam-packed full. (Thankfully the freezer on the kitchen fridge is still working, as there is no way we’d be able to condense everything into the laundry room freezer.  Wow.)

And we just got through refusing to re-up the Sears extended warranty.  However, Sears can’t even COME until December 7th, so we are looking for other repair options.

I wouldn’t be too concerned except for the fact that I am hosting Thanksgiving again this year.  Ironically, the LAST time I hosted Thanksgiving?  Yeah, pretty much the same timing:  the water heater failed the Sunday before and we had to get it replaced.

I think maybe I need to refuse to host major holidays if I’m going to have major appliance problems right before them.

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