Fun! But Back to Reality!

So, my super-fantastic-weekend-of-fun was…exactly that.  I flew to New Jersey to spend a few days with my sister and her family.  Colin (my nephew) is FOUR today, and the weekend was partly consumed by his birthday party, plus my sister and I got to spend Sunday afternoon visiting the City, seeing Wicked and getting makeovers at Sephora.  I also had some quality time with 21-month old Hannah (oh, and Colin, Debra, and Matthew, too).

But, yeah.  Back to reality.  A house that is in dire need of straightening and cleaning (mostly because I’m hosting Thanksgiving, yikes), a backlog of quilts, and dang it, it’s time to decorate for the holidays.

And speaking of reality, after I walked in the house Monday night and said hello, I noticed the pile of mail.  I should have ignored it as the piece I chose to open was the bill for my trip to the Emergency Room.

I just about needed ANOTHER trip to the ER thanks to the heart attack I got when I saw the total.

The billed amount?  $1226

Thanks to the insurance adjustment, I “only” have to pay $536.

I was using my rotary cutter this evening and you had better believe I was excruciatingly careful with every single cut I made.


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