Greetings from the land of the crazy

So, the next big event around here is the Gals and Pals shopping day:  next weekend.   Speaking of which, I’m supposed to be a model in the style show, and I forgot to call the clothing store that is doing the style show to make an appointment to get outfitted.  Note to self:  make phone call.

The key thing to remember here is that I’m prepping my make-and-take project NOW, and not, say, next Friday.  (This represents real growth on my part, I think.)  I think that the idea is actually going to work as planned,  so I’m willing to talk about it.  It’s actually Mom’s idea:  we are going to do fiber postcards.  Really, really, simple, most-of-its-already-done fiber postcards.

I’m going to have the postcards all fused and zigzag the edges, and a bunch of prefused fabric ready for people to cut into simple shapes.  No sewing, just fusing shapes in place.  I still need to make a couple more samples, but here’s a start:

postcard samples

(the heart cherries are based on something I saw on Tracey aka peppermintpatcher’s blog).  The white pumpkin is based on wallhanging I’m working on.

postcard blanks

So, the crazy part?  Yeah.  I need to prep about 75-100 cards.  This, my MQResource postcard swapping friends, is why I’m going to be late on my postcard swapping obligation…

After this event, I think the next big thing is my trip to teach at Quilting with Machines*** in Ohio.  After that is the high school musical, though, that actually starts in earnest next week, when I get to start going to rehearsals.  After THAT, I can’t remember what’s next.  Oh!  After that is my trip to see my sister and her family for a long weekend…  And somewhere in there I have several big customer quilt projects.

Tonight, though, I guess we are going to watch the movie Elf.  Mark called and suggested the boys run to the library to pick out a movie.  No idea how or why they chose this one, but…maybe it’ll be good for a few laughs??

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  1. VIcki W says:

    Here’s what you do. You tell the first 12 people that come in that they have to make 2 cards and one of them has to be only black and white and they have to leave that one with you. Then all you have to do is address them! If you do that to the first 24 people then your Mom’s cards will also be covered!

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