Learn something new every day

An online class that I signed up for last September, but never finished.  When you sign up for one of Shimelle‘s classes, you are in it for life, and I had forgotten that until I started getting the prompts.  I’m going to try this again, as a different take on the daily photo project which I don’t seem to be able to keep up with.



Edited later to add:  digital scrapbooking elements, including the page template, from the Life 365 collection at Weeds and Wildflowers.  I use Adobe Photoshop CS3 and the fonts are Helvetica and my own handwriting font.


  1. Deb says:

    I am so not used to seeing your house from the front straight on. I couldn’t figure out which part of your house that was at first. LOL. It’s GORGEOUS!

    Look at them with instruments, cool.

    Your handwriting font looks great.

  2. Christine Olson says:

    I spy a SAXOPHONE!

    Ahh…band instruments. The start of a very expensive and noisy journey. Enjoy!

    (We just purchased a tenor mouthpiece. DS does not have a tenor. Can you see where this is going? sigh)

    Love the red house. It does look quite striking.

  3. Ramona Quilter says:

    I remember the post when you were painting it and I kept thinking “Red??” But it turned out awesome. No blending in with the other houses…well, I know that you are on some acreage but you know what I mean. It looks big and warm and welcoming.
    Ah, the clarinet. I played for 6 years. Yeah, it got me out of girls gym class.

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