House project, part Bazillion: all red


That’s Mark celebrating after painting the last board of siding at the very top of the peak.  It still needs a second coat, but the house is now entirely red.

For reference, in this photo he’s at ground level.  (He was squishing out as much paint as he could from the brush I had just finished using).  Make note of that bottom row of windows.


In this photo, he’s climbing onto the topmost board, which is absolutely as high as he could go on the scaffolding.  Even he didn’t like being up that high.   I told him I’d catch him if he fell.   At the very bottom of the photo, you can see the very TOP of the bottom row of windows.


It gives me the willies just THINKING about going up that high.

I did all of MY painting standing on the ground or sitting in this chair:


If I was standing, the chair held my paint can.  I’m a really messy painter, which is why it looks like somebody bled out in my chair.

And yes, I sat in those splotches, so my painting pants and shorts have matching splotches.

Now, to paint the doors and the trim and move on to a million other projects.

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  1. Susan Italo says:

    I got vertigo looking at the photo of Mark up on that scaffolding. I’m glad you were there to catch him if he fell– and I’m sure that offer gave him the comfort he needed to get the job done, too.

    LOVE the red! But now don’t you want to quilt it?!

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