Gross, Mom.

The boys find me to be very annoying at times, and I do my best to be as annoying as possible. Often I will demand that they “pay” me in order to go away and leave them alone.

This afternoon, I was sitting with them on the couch, they were trying to do…something…and I kept asking questions and talking to them and generally being obnoxious. Finally I said “I suppose you’d like it if I went away, right?”

I got the “Duh, Mom” look.

“Well, the only way I’m leaving is if I get a kiss.”

They both rolled their eyes, but Will leaned over and obliged. I got up and sat on the arm of the couch, leaning over Joe. He didn’t seem to think he was obligated and tried to ignore me.

I told him he need to kiss me in order to practice for that day when he was 30 years old and wanted to kiss a GURL for the first time.

You should have heard him groan. “Yuck. I’m NEVER going to want to do THAT.”

p.s.  lest you get the wrong idea (and I’m sure no one did, but still, there are stupid people out there…), the kiss was a very quick peck on the mouth.


  1. Jorja says:

    You messed up Suzanne. If you aren’t planning to let them mingle with girls until they’re 30 you should have had ugly kids instead of those two cuties. You might want to start that razor-wire fence before long.

  2. Susan Italo says:

    Am showing this post to my boys, so they know that it’s really in the mom’s handbook: annoying them, making them pay, payment = kisses.
    Also, what the heck do you mean, they are going to want to kiss girls. No way– they are mine until forever. (and, like you, in case anyone is reading this the wrong way, let me clarify. They are my babies, I love them, in a loving mom-way.)

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