You’ll see this one coming

Made the boys go to the pool today.  They called when they got there:  they’d forgotten their towels.

I didn’t think, until later, to ask what they had done with the dogs when they left the house.

Service tech came to get my car for an oil change.  I took the shop key off the ring, just in case I needed it, and handed him the car key.  He brought the car back about an hour later.

Oh, I had asked him to have the accounting person call me to get my credit card number, because I didn’t have any checks to give him.  She called.  Couldn’t find my purse.  Could have somehing to do with the disaster wrought by the delivery of 125 new bolts of fabric.

Anyway, he handed me the keys and the receipt and said he hadn’t locked the car.  No biggie, I needed to run to the post office in a bit.

Finally got my packages ready for the PO run, stuck the note on the door that said “RAN TO PO, BACK ASAP” and left, locking the door behind me.

Took care of my PO business.

Ran some towels that I had at the shop to the pool.  Asked the boys what they had done with the dogs.

Blank stares.  No one could tell me if the dogs were inside or outside or…gone to parts unknown.

OK, fine.  I ran home, dogs were outside.  I got them some clean water, gave them cookies and left them in the kennel.

My BACK ASAP has now turned into about 15 minutes, thanks to a short wait at the PO and the extra running around.

Back to the shop.


Bad words.

Yes, you saw it coming way back up there in the beginning, didn’t you?  Back where I took the shop key off the keyring when I gave the car key to the service tech?

Yes.  I had locked myself out of the shop.

Thankfully, Mark answered his phone (if it had been earlier, he wouldn’t have, as he was in class…) and was able to remind me which keychain HIS shop key was on.

Oh, and my purse was at home this whole time, so I was able to grab that and get the service place called with my credit card number.


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  1. Mary Ann says:

    I hope that your PO business was more than mailing my postcards. I don’t want to get blamed for any of this. teehee

  2. Alycia says:

    Thats the kind of day that requires chocolate ice cream and a foot rub!! I was hoping that your purse had not been borrowed – that was where I thought you were going!

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