You call this scorch proof?


Cheap ironing board with cheap cover:  cover needed to be replaced after just a couple of months.  I got a new one at Target, picked up what was supposed to be a nicer, thicker one, with a scorch proof (or was it scorch resistant?) cover.

Yeah.  Right.

It started scorching…oh…about the first time I touched it with an iron.

And let’s not mention the fact that this stupid thing doesn’t fit properly:  all of the covers I’ve had in the past have had some kind of drawstring around the edge that lets you cinch it up and make it fit better.  Not this one, oh no.


  1. Jami says:

    Yep…I’ve had covers like that also. Wait until it starts cracking and yuck goes everywhere! 🙂 I’m not sure they make a “good cover” anymore! I finally covered my big board with some heavy home dec fabric that is 100% cotton (almost a duck/canvas feel to it). It scorched a little, but I’ve been using the same cover for over a year now.

  2. traceyk says:

    Ick, I hate that scorching. So, because I hate it so much (especially since I do alot of applique with starch) I saw on Sharon Schamber’s free area her idea of doing a ironing board.

    I have an approx. 24″ x 40″ piece of plywood that I covered in cotton batt then took 100% cotton canvas and streeeeeetched the living crap out of it and stapled it onto the batt and board. Then spray it with water and let dry overnight. It SHOULD dry/shrink tightly to the board (somewhat). I’ve taken it off and washed it and reattached it to the board (via staples) and it’s holding up just fine and no scorching. It also takes awhile to get to the point where you need to wash it….depends on my starch use.

    Try it. I just lay the board across the top of my normal ironing board, sort of centering it so it doesn’t teeter too much to one side. Haven’t been disappointed yet.

  3. paula.thequilter says:

    Before I made my big board, that now permanently resides on the ironing board, I used to make my own ironing board covers. I turned the ironing board over to trace onto paper for the pattern and then cut out cotton duck fabric big enough to cover the edge and go underneath. Then I serged over a cord which finished the edge and made a tie.

  4. sammi says:

    I think I’m the dumb one in the crowd … I actually bought ironing board material! I only have to replace the batt about every 2 years. Or the actual fabric if I’ve been “cutting” it trying to remove misty fuse or steam a seam ….. duh. I also have “big” board that I made and it sits at the end of my cutting table … I can’t STAND an ironing board with its wobbly legs.

  5. Irene says:

    Suzanne, I go through ironing board covers like crazy – I’ve tried expensive ones, cheap ones and everything inbetween. In June I purchased 2 from a seller on Ebay (shaden809) and honestly, they are the BEST ironing board covers I have ever had. They are really well made with a substantial drawstring and are also padded. Not only are they reasonable, but she has them in the cutest fabrics. I’m not affiliated in any way, yada yada, just a very satisfied customer.

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