Radiant Star, Part 9: Fiddly little bits

It’s been a few days mor ethan a month since my last update on the Radiant Star quilt.  Back on June 30th, I was gloating about having 60% of the blocks done, and sewn together.

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Then, I went on vacation, got involved in class preparations, started house-painting, got side-tracked by some lap quilts, got side-tracked by life and…here it is a month later and no update.

I *have* been working on it here and there, but I’m trying to do the last 8 stars all at once, and there are just an endless amount of fiddly little bits to get through before it actually looks like something:

Radiant star pieces

But now, we are finally getting somewhere.  I’m ready to sew all of the units in the above photo together with the background triangles and squares, and then…final block assembly is within my grasp.  Except of course, for the fact that I have a million other things to do this week.  I would have sewn more last night, but we actually had a temperature spike yesterday, and I was getting awfully hot and sweaty upstairs.

Craziest dang weather.

I’m not complaining:  it’s been absolutely gorgeous here, but it is just not right for us to be so cool in July.  We haven’t run the AC at home since…I don’t know when.  Doesn’t make for very good pool-going weather, but I’ve been told that this weekend (during our big town festival…) it’s supposed to be 90s and super-humid.  Great.


  1. Margie says:

    It’s been cool here in Wyoming. Great except that my veggies aren’t churning out as usual. We live in the Big Horn Basin and that means not much wind and good agriculture. Sugar beets, barley for beer, alfalfa and stuff like that. Summers are usually high 90s and some 100s. Bad news is that it gets very cold in the winter. Lots of low humidity always.
    Your star is wonderful.

  2. LizA. says:

    Oh stop! Thankfully this week the weather is back to normal for Seattle. But you can HAVE, and KEEP the weather we had last week — 104°!! Thankfully we are part of the 15% of people who actually do have air conditioning.

    Can’t wait to see this finished. You’re making me itchy to start a RW&B quilt…..

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