Radiant Star Part 15: A Quilt Top

I’m at the shop and don’t have anywhere to take a good shot of the entire quilt top, but I do want to show off the 4 corners, all posing together:


Aren’t they pretty?

What I REALLY want to do is load the backing up and get started quilting this baby, but it’s going to have to wait a bit.  Some other stuff is in before it in the quilting queue.  Plus, I know that as soon as I do load, I’m going to suffer from complete and abject terror at the thought of actually quilting it.  My brain is a strange place.  On the one hand, I’m in love with this quilt and can’t wait to quilt it, because hey, quilting is WHAT I DO, and most of them I’m pretty good at it…

But on the other hand:  I’m my own worst critic, and will worry the ENTIRE time that I’m screwing it up.  I’ll try to keep the angst to a minimum.

Plus, once it is quilted and bound, it will go to a new home, and I’ll never see it again, and I’ll always worry about it.

So yes, there will probably be a little angst.

And yes, my customer does read the blog, and is probably now wondering a bit about my sanity.  It’s OK, really!  I’m having fun!  Truly!


  1. Mary Ann says:

    It’s even gorgeous-er in person. Let me know if you want binding help. Because yes, eventually, you will get it quilted perfectly and it will be lovely and will need to be bound and go to a loving home.

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