Radiant Star, Part 13: Options and opinions

I knew you would all have opinions on my border options, but I was kind of hoping your opinions would be a little more of a consensus.  Or that you would all agree with me because you had read my mind and knew which answer I wanted to hear.

I sent the pictures off to my customer, and after sending, I kinda wished I hadn’t told him which I preferred, though I knew he’d probably ask.

He made a choice, and…

I’m going to leave you hanging for the time being.

See how mean I am?


  1. Caron Mosey says:

    I had another thought. What if you put the stripe right up next to the white fabric as an inside border… but a little more narrow? Then a stripe of white, finished off with the punch of matching red?

    🙂 I can be mean, too!

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