House update, number whatever

Katie and Cocoa are really great supervisors:


Oh wait, you can’t see Katie?

Katie!  Where are you!

Oh, there she is:


The south side of the garage is now done.  The boys were up on the scaffolding helping with the first coat on Saturday.  I didn’t watch.  But I did inform that they had better be super-duper careful up there, and if they weren’t, I’d kill them.

One chipped tooth per summer is enough. (Said tooth is actually getting a repair job at the dentist today. WOohoo.)


The trim is going to stay white, but we still haven’t decided what color to paint the garage.  Well, we think we’ve decided that it should be red, but we’re not 100% and we’re going to wait until the very end.

We also got this section and the one around the corner (that Mark is working on) done.


Mark moved the scaffolding around so that he’s now ready to work on the south wall of the 2 story part of the house.  He’ll be on his own up there.  I worked on the sectio nin the above picture:  he put some planks across the low part of the scaffolding, so I could reach up as high as the top of window.  I felt…unsteady, but OK.

Then, he put the planks cross the top so that he could work above the window.  I climbed up and gave it a try.  I lasted for about 2 swipes of the brush before I had to get down.

Me and scaffolding do not mix, apparently.

We are very grateful to our carpenter, though, for letting us borrow his scaffolding for this project.  He doesn’t need it right now, so it can sit at our house just as easily as it could sit at is house.  Mark is in love with it.  I think he’s trying to figure out how to justify the purchase of his own scaffolding.  It’s like a movable jungle gym for an adult.

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