The crisis has been averted.

found it

Here’s what happened, the long story:

For the past (mumble 2 years) little while, I’ve been “almost” done with a self-published book on freehand feathers for machine quilters.  The class I’m currently teaching at MQResource is based on that book, and all of the handouts come straight out of what is in the book.

Each handout is just a part of the book, though, and to make the handouts, I’ve been opening the original document, SAVING IT AS something else, then deleting out what I don’t need for that particular handout.

Only, Tuesday night, I apparently forgot the SAVE AS part, and saved the one page handout right over top of the original book.

This was the FIRST STUPID thing I was referring to in my previous post.  But not insurmountably stupid, because, I’m smart enough to have a backup of my book, right?

Yes, well.  That backup is on a USB drive, and…when I posted this morning, I couldn’t FIND the USB drive.  The last I could remember, I had scooped it up to take it home.  For all I knew, I had dropped it outside and it was gone, gone, gone…

I just happened, a few moments ago, to crouch down to pick something up, and just happened to look right at the damned thing, where it had apparently fallen at some point yesterday.  I guess I didn’t actually scoop it up to take it with me.  Thankfully.

The moral of the story:

1.  Don’t be so cavalier with the original copy of your book manuscript.

2.  Don’t rely on a USB drive, that could be easily lost or stolen as your only backup.

A copy of the book now resides on the computer here at the shop, and I may even burn another copy to a CD and go stick THAT in the bank deposit vault.



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