Fun project


Is that not the cutest fabric?  I was so excited when the crown fabric came out of the box, I knew I needed to make something right away.  I’m not very good at making things in shapes other than flat, but this seemed to turn out pretty well.

It’s an older bag pattern, The X-Bag.  It’s a pretty clever construction, you wind up with one big center section and two outer pockets.  My buttons are at the shop, so I’ll have to put finishing touches on it tomorrow.

Today, I’m relishing the fact that I’m home alone for 6 hours.  Well, it’s been 5 hours, and I have one hour left to go.  It’s so quiet.  The boys are at a 2 day theater workshop.  They did it last year and had a really good time, I was excited that they were doing it again this year.

Yesterday, wasn’t so quiet.  It kept storming.  Over and over and over.  So…everyone was inside all day long.  Pouring rain doesn’t allow for much painting progress.  Nor did the storms allow for much computer related progress — I was on and off the computer a million times.  OK, maybe it was 4.

It’s been kind of a strange couple of days around here.  I’m glad I can go sew, it gives me lots of time to contemplate.  And being able to actually make this bag start to finish is like a miracle when I’m in the middl eof a long term project like the radiant star.

And before the hoodlums get home, I guess I’ll go contemplate life some more, I am getting ever closer to putting the final 8 radiant stars together.

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  1. sammi says:

    That is way cute fabric — and so fitting! Cute bag … and I agree with Liz – it would be a cute apron.

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