Fifth grade

I remember 5th grade.

5th grade was a big deal

5th grade at our school means FOUR teachers, not just 1 or even 2.

But being in 5th grade doesn’t mean we are any more likely to give Mom a real smile.  (Actually, I know that’ll just keep getting worse…)

DSC01468 copy

DSC01469 copy

I had to go look for last year’s photos for comparison.  The nice thing about doing these pictures in front of the garage door (even though it is stained and gross looking right now…) is being able to see how much taller they are.  I knew they were taller, I just didn’t realize by how much.  I should go figure out how many inches that is!  (Will is hunched over funny in this one, that bag was heavy!)

DSC06784 copy

Summer’s over.  School’s here.  Crazy.  Summer never really started, did it??

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  1. Carol Kimble says:

    They are so handsome and are looking less alike as they get older. Fifth grade is so “grown up” – and such a fun age.

  2. Vicki W says:

    I give them 2 more years before the protest the 1st day photos! i absolutely LOVED 5th grade. I had my first male teacher (he was awesome), we learned US geography (my state to draw was Iowa and I got really tired of drawing corn cobs) and I was finally starting to develop a tiny bit of self-confidence. Who knew that the little mouse would grow up into an overconfident , overbearing menopausal mental case.

  3. Beth says:

    My youngest started school 2 weeks ago! It seems to get earlier and earlier. I wish you could see our garage door! My husband and son have been out front all summer throwing the baseball..>TOWARD the garage door! It is starting to look like a golf ball. I told them…either ding it up I can paint it to look like a golf ball…or get me a new door! lolol

    They are very handsome young men. Tell them what I told my older son around 3 -4th grade. ‘There will come a time you don’t want to kiss and hug me in public…but you WILL ALWAYS kiss and hug me in PRIVATE.’ Then I taught him the sign language sign for ‘I love you’ so I could tell him w/o yelling across the playground. To this day, (he will be 25 in Jan), he still hugs and kisses me in public~

  4. Gramma Reed says:

    5th grade was one of my favorites also, Mrs. Gray.
    Unfortunately, I’m at work and unable to see the photos, not sure why.

  5. Mary says:

    5th grade seems SO long ago but I’ll share photos of MY boys next week — we’re heading to South Dakota to explore the bad lands, the black hills, and Mount Rushmore. We decided we needed to explore the Midwest a little while we’re living here because before you know it I’m sure it will be time to move again.

    Your sewing room looks just as bad as mine does.

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