Clearing the decks

In order to get to the point where I can quilt the Radiant Star, I have to get some other stuff done first, like…quilting this quilt for my nephew:





Now to get it bound and mailed before his 1st birthday.  I figure that if I post about it here, his parents will know about it, and it’ll add to the guilt factor of NOT having it done…so…I’d better get busy.

(The top has been ready for awhile, so don’t be getting all impressed at my productivity…)

Oh — as soon as I posted about the cricket?  Never heard him again.  That’s the power of the Internet, my friends.


  1. David S. says:

    Is it in the mail yet? It won’t get here before his birthday if it isn’t yet. 🙂 Just teasing. It looks wonderful!

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