Productivity plus

Whew, I had a really productive day yesterday, and I’m totally slacking so far today.

In between dealing with class registrations, working on class materials, helping a customer or two, I managed to quilt this quilt:


(Pattern is All About Me by Terry Atkinson).

OK, so *I* didn’t quilt it, the Intelliquilter did, but still…

I also cut out some kits for the above quilt.

And then…

I cut out and almost completely pieced this quilt:


(pattern is something I made up on my own).

Only, now that I’ve got the inner borders on it, I’m wishing I’d made it another 2 rows longer.  So I’m going to remedy that here shortly.

Why am I making sports themed quilts?  Oh, because the Winding Stairs Festival is NEXT WEEK, and the theme is Tailgating on Second, (2nd street…) which means I really ought to get my windows decorated between now and then.  Sheesh.

OK, no rest for the wicked.  More to do, plus annoying story to write up for a future blog post.

Oh, and it’s SCHOOL REGISTRATION day today.  Woohoo!!



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