Earley Acres Painting Crew

This is a one-time engagement, please do not ask me to come paint your house.


Mark took the edges, and the top boards.  I took the middle, and on this wall, the boys took the bottom boards.


On this side, I actually did middle and bottom.  After 2 hours of painting the boys were done.


After 4 hours of painting, I was REALLY done.  I’m going to be so sore tomorrow, and guess what?  I get to do it all over again, since we obviously need a 2nd coat.


Paint color is Crabby Apple, paint is Duration from Sherwin Williams.  It’s their top of the line exterior paint.  At $55/gallon I was sort of hoping it was going to fly out of the paint can and paint the house itself.

Isn’t that a great color name?  I’m totally in love with it.  Crabby Apple.  Love the name, love the color.  It is totally what I’ve had in mind for 3 years since we started this residing/rewindowing project.

Of course, by the time we are done painting this monster of a house, I may hate the sight of it.  We’ve got a lot of house to go, and unfortunately, a lot of it will require scaffolding/ladders, and I’m not real find of either of those.

Time to take my achy body to bed.  I also washed the front deck this morning, and sewed a bit, and wow, I’m kinda tired.  I managed to go through almost an entire gallon of paint by myself.  I’m not sure how much of the 2nd gallon Mark got through:  I bailed on him and went to see a movie (The Proposal:  funny, predictable, but enjoyable).



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  1. paula.thequilter says:

    Did you guys paint that whole thing with BRUSHES?!! O my. My hubby is a former house painter and whenever I can talk him into painting it is done with a rented airless sprayer. All I have to do is the cutting in around the windows and doors and such. You are a better woman than I to attempt that!

  2. Xina says:

    Oh wow! What a BIG Project! But I can see how GAWGEOUS that red will be when alllll done! Keep your eye on the prize! Good work!

  3. shirley says:

    wow…love it. i am in the same boat….they are putting our new metal roof on the house starting monday and then it will be painting time for us. we are thinking of hiring it out. i’m not much on scaffolding myself. it’s like you have a whole new house now. great color

  4. Eileen says:

    RENT A SPRAYER!!!! Makes quick work of a really lengthy, difficult project.
    The $$ is $O worth it!!

  5. Deb says:

    I LOVE IT!!! I want mine exactly the same way. you can come out here to do it when you are done with yours.

  6. Mary says:

    I painted one house years ago and never again!

    I love Sherwin Williams paint… my dad worked for them for years!

  7. Ramona Quilter says:

    I do love the red.
    But the first thing I thought of when I saw that you were painting your house red was
    “What will the HOA nazis say?”
    See, too much time in California and you lose your perspective. Who’s house is it anyway? Yeah! And it will be so cheerful and welcoming when it is done. I applaud your vision.

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